Dear customers,

We are extremely happy to announce the reopening of Parikart salons on June 1. Know that we do everything in our possible to offer you an appointment as quickly as possible in a place as safe as possible. We ask you for your collaboration and understanding in the face of deadlines and our way of doing things that is fair for everyone. Here is what you should expect for the next few weeks. Know that all decisions can and will be modified without notice if necessary. We look forward to welcoming you safely!

1. See you

We prioritize customers who had an appointment during the pandemic. They have received or receive an email from us by Sunday. We will go in order of priority subsequently with those who have meetings in the coming months. Our telephone lines will be closed until further notice. It is not necessary to write to us or call us, our advisers will redirect you to the informative page. For the sake of being fair to all customers who have missed their appointment in the past few weeks, all meetings will be shifted.

If you have an appointment, please ask you to present yourself on time. We keep the right to cancel your appointment if you are late since we cannot afford to late. No one will be able to enter the living room before the time their appointment to limit the number of people inside. You can wait either outside or in your car, a manager will signal you when you can enter.

For the sake of equity, no customer without an appointment will be able to receive services in the living room. We ask you not to present yourself on site if you don't have an appointment. The physical shop will still be accessible, but the number of people will be restricted. Note that our online store is still in office and that delivery is free on purchase of $ 50 and more. The physical shop will still be accessible, but the number of people will be restricted.

2. Services

Our goal is to meet the most urgent needs for as many customers as possible. This is why we made the decision to prioritize cuts, hairstyle cuts and basic colorings for the first weeks. So, no brushing alone and no straps, color corrections or hair change will be possible.

All services will be billed at hourly rate. These will vary according to the chosen service and the level of your professional (the). In addition, fees of $ 2.50 will be added to the meetings of 2 hours and less and costs of $ 4.50 will be added to the meetings of more than 2 hours. These costs are caused by the increase in costs linked to the reopening and the precautions put in place.

No drink will be offered during your appointment. In addition, the toilets will not be accessible for customers who have an appointment of 2 hours or less.

3. Safety

Health measures will be set up to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, we ask you not to present yourself in the living room.

A mask will be distributed to each customer and the port of it will be compulsory. In addition, we have disposable capes and all the equipment necessary to disinfect workstations. For meetings of more than 2 hours, a change of mask will be made.

If possible, we ask you to present yourself alone and with as few personal effects as possible.


Our team works very hard to offer you a safe and pleasant environment. We can't wait to see you again! Again thank you very much for your patience and understanding. See you soon!

Hélène & amp; Sylvie