Absolute chroma: the new Kérastase range for
Colorful hair

This brand new range of kerastase comes to the rescue
colored hair. It is a great evolution in the chromatic range which will be discontinuous and contains a large total of 7 products including a green mask and a gloss!

without sulfate, this range fights the three levels of damage induced by coloring. It increases the sweetness and R has the frizz caused by the coloring . It makes more shiny hair and gives more depth color. As the color tends to oxidize and discolor over time, the use of absolute chroma will prevent all these damage in order to keep a brilliant color as when you get out of the living room!

Our favorite product!

The gloss is undoubtedly the star product of this range!
This is an anti-mineral rinsing treatment and revealing shine. It
prevents the accumulation of minerals that tarnishes the hair to reveal the brightest tones of your color!

It is literally bottled shine!

The acids it contains seal the cuticles and eliminate
Frisottis for milder and more hair healthy. Its texture which goes from fluid to miller will impress you. It is used once a week in place of the fondant or mask or in extra before these for a surplus of shine and care.

It is an extraordinary treatment that all those with colorful hair will love!

acids: unique healing care

Acids are at the heart of the absolute chroma formula. These high -tech active ingredients offer high affinity personalized action with colorful fiber. They have the ability to enter the heart of the hair fiber to heal and strengthen.

first, lactic acid transforms fiber to the surface in order to seal it and get more sweetness and less frizz. It also helps prevent the accumulation of minerals. tartaric acid , for its part, is a powerful antioxidant. It serves as a shield to help protect the color of oxidation. hyaluronic acid , on the other hand, serves as a filling for deep porosities. As she is able to play her weight at the top 1000 times, she fulfills her role perfectly. Finally, the centella Asiatica , also called the tiger grass, completes the trio of acids. This plant extract soothes and heals damaged hair and regenerate dry hair

Do you know the mauve shampoo for blondes? Here is an green correction treatment for dark hair!

This green correction treatment is completely unique! This mask of
Emerald green color helps to neutralize the copper and red unwanted reflections in order to enhance dark hair. It helps maintain the real hair color while providing them with shine and brightness. It is used once a week or if necessary.