Sun Expert Teinté

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This high protection illuminator treatment will protect your skin from the sun in addition to illuminating your complexion. The pigment spots will be less visible, the harmonious, bright and bright tanning of youth.

available in two different shades, this illuminating treatment is suitable for all skin types. Add it to your makeup routine, and voila!

"The protective treatment which reduces the appearance of brown spots. »


- Limits tanning and decreases and prevents stains
- Indicated for birth stains, senile lento, photosensitizing drugs, etc ...

user manual

- Apply generously in the face 15 minutes before sun exposure.
- Reapplicate every two hours.

key ingredients

The cellular water certificate boosts the effectiveness of your care. It optimizes the energy environment of cells.

The Global Cellular Protection Patent which protects from external aggressions.

The Sun Expert technology which reduces the appearance of brown spots.

Sun Expert Teinté
Sun Expert Teinté


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