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Soin acide Chroma Gloss - Échantillon deluxe 15ml

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The chroma gloss acid treatment is a transparent fluid that turns into rich white milk in the shower to completely resurface the hair against dull minerals. It is a revealer of a bottled sparkle that will restore an incredible and instantaneous shine to the hair. It is suitable for colorful hair as well as those who simply want a shine boost. Its instant effect will amaze you!


- Boosts the shine and illuminates the color
- takes care of the fiber, leaving the strands extremely soft, without frizz or rebellious wicks Induced by the color
-makes the hair fiber uniform and homogeneous
-eliminates dull minerals and avoids the future accumulation of minerals
- Offer of instant results
- provides 94% more hydration
- Reinforces hair by 96%

user manual

Step 1 : Wash your hair
Step 2 : Wrinkle your hair
Step 3 : Apply the quantity required* on the lengths and the zig-zag tips, then paint to ensure a uniform application of the product.
Step 4 : Rinse immediately or leave to act for 1 to 2 minutes.
Step 5 : if you wish, continue with the fondant or the mask for more treatment.

Take care 1 time a week.

* Short or fine hair = 1 line (15ml)
* Long or thick hair = 2 lines (30ml)

key ingredients

- Centella Asiatica: this miracle plant soothes and heals damaged fibers in addition to regenerating dry hair.
- Lactic acid: Help for the construction of a thin lipid film to cover and protect the surface of the hair in addition to repairing irregularity. Upstream, this acid helps prevent mineral deposits.
- Tartric acid: acts as an antioxidant to protect the color of external damage.
- Lactic acid: Cleaning agent that ishes the hair gently in addition to controlling Frisottis.
- Amino acid: deeply penetrates into fiber to strengthen the hair from the inside.

Format: 15ml


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