Routine : Entretien Minceur & Fermeté

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This routine contains:

1. Prepare : mild cell water scrub < /p>

The scrub is the crucial step for obtaining soft and silky skin. It leaves the skin with a milk finish and a sublime skin. The scrub offers hydration and comfort to the skin.

user manual:

-Apply 3 times a week
- Apply to dry skin before the shower. In contact with water, the scrub transforms into milk!

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2. Morning : Activator Morpho Fitness

The activating serum improves the efficiency of sports sessions. It smooths, softens and adds softness to the skin, which improves its quality. It decreases the appearance of capitons and orange skin.

user manual:

- Apply in the morning and/or in the evening to the areas concerned. Make penetrate by massaging with ascending movements.

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3. Evening : slimming and firmness cream

Absolute slimming cream is a cream that hydrates and comforts the skin, which makes it more flexible, softer and more silky. She works on the silhouette to refine it and firm the skin.

user manual:

- Apply 1 to 2 times a day on the desired areas. Make penetrate by massaging upwards.

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