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Programme DÉTOX printanier 30 jours deluxe

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Get the detox before March 28, 2022 in order to take advantage of 25% reduction on Bend Beauty and O products 'Terra.

Spring is a sign of great cleaning, but did you know that your body can also need a certain "cleaning"? Summer arrives and for some people it is an indicative that it is necessary to redisciprate in terms of healthy lifestyles. That's good, this detox could help you!

The Deluxe spring detox program is 30 days of detoxification that allows you to work on the body, hair and liver to improve your well-being and overall comfort. The detox program will also have many advantages.

The main advantages of doing the Deluxe detox

Here are some benefits that you can draw following the program:

- detoxify The
system-Support function hepatic
- relieve disorders digestive
- Draign Adipous cells
- Rebalance the microbiome scalp
- Help with some problems hormones , such as painful rules, premenstrual syndrome or tension Mammary
- Restore more energy
- Improve well-being and comfort global
- Help The health and appearance of hair
- Reduce the appearance of cellulite
- and much more! /p>

How does it work?

By buying the detox program, you will receive by post for your products to complete your detox. Once you have received everything, you can start, or you can wait to start the challenge at the same time as us on March 28.

This is a 30 -day program including: < BR>
- 30 days of Selcare challenges offered free of charge (value of $ 10)
- 30 days of detoxification of the liver with the reset product of Bend Beauty (value of $ 66)
- 30 days of treatment cellulite and water retention (exclusive to deluxe detox) with suction cups, roulette and o'terra balm (value of $ 120)
- 21 days of treatment to rebalance the microbiome of the scalp scalp With the potentisalist serum of kerastase (exclusive to the detox deluxe) (value of $ 80)

What are the signs that a detox is necessary?

1. You feel very tired and/or you have difficulty sleeping
2. You have difficulty losing weight and/or you gain weight unexplained
3. You find that your complexion is dull or you have other skin problems
4. You have digestive disorders such as bloating, gases ...
5. You feel less well and you live stress
6. You have hormonal problems such as painful rules, premenstrual syndromes or breast tension
7. You have difficulty concentrating and/or sometimes feel that you have the brain in the mist
8. You have discomfort, itching or any other problem with the scalp

to learn more about the signs than a detox may be necessary, it is just here .

The products included in the program ...

1. Bend Beauty reset

< SPAN Style = "Text-Decoration: Underline;" Data-MCE-STYLE = "Text-Decoration: Underline;"> reset is designed to support your liver and helps reduce the stress of free radicals in your body. Since the skin draws its nutrients from the blood circulation, the symptoms of a reduced liver function often appear in the skin. This means that when we provide our body with nutrients to support the function and health of the liver, we favor healthy skin!

Consume 2 capsules per day for a minimum of 3 weeks. Each reset bottle contains 60 capsules and for a portion of 2 capsules per day. Each bottle therefore contains 30 portions for 30 days. Indicated for use for a minimum of 3 weeks

2. Kérastase potentase serum

infused ingredients that support the scalp microbiome, potentianist is the optimal shield of the scalp that protects it from external aggressors who threaten its balance. A healthy scalp is the basis for having healthy hair. By protecting 100 % of the scalp microbiome, the potentialist serum creates the optimal environment for strong, healthy and beautiful hair.

Step 1. Apply once a day, morning or evening, for a period of 3 weeks.
Step 2. Apply 1 dose (3 pipettes to the line ) on the dry or humid scalp.
Step 3. Massage the scalp for a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate well.
Step 4. Do not rinse. Combine your hair as usual.

3. O'terra Balm

the firmness balm is designed to be complementary to o'terra beauty tools such as suction cups and roulette . It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, water retention in addition to burning cell fats. It helps maximize the skin firmness effects.


Apply to clean skin and massage using Roulette and/or O'terra suction cups.

4. Roulette

designed to massage in depth, Roulette helps to unclog tissues, activate blood circulation and drain water retention. Roulette is used on all parts of the body (belly, arms, thigh, calves, etc.)


Step 1. Apply the firmness balm to matcha and O'terra grapefruit to the desired body part.
Step 2. Pass the roulette into continuous movements with a certain pressure for about 2 minutes per zone.

if you feel pain when using the O'terra body suction cups, use First the roulette to unclog the fabrics.

5. Body suction cups

the O'terra suction cups are an excellent anti-cellulite solution to do at home. They work on the degradation of the body's fat cells and dislodge orange skin. They therefore bring a marked decrease in cellulite in addition to improving blood circulation for smoother and more elastic skin.


Step 1. Start with the roulette by following the indications named previously.
Step 2. Place the suction cup on the skin and squeeze both sides of the suction cup in order to empty and create a suction.
Step 3. Move the suction cup in the direction of blood circulation, or Bas up, for at least two minutes per area.

do every day for at least a month to see a result. Do if necessary, once the result is obtained.

6. Calendar 30 days of selfcare challenges


1. Tu te sens très fatiguée ou tu as de la difficulté à dormir

2. Tu as de la difficulté à perdre du poids ou tu prends du poids de façon inexpliquée

3. Tu trouves que ton teint est terne ou tu as d'autres problèmes de peau

4. Tu as des troubles digestifs tels que des ballonnements, des gaz...

5. Tu te sens moins bien et tu vis du stress

6. Tu as des problèmes hormonaux tels que des règles douloureuses, des syndromes prémenstruels ou de la tension mammaire

7. Tu as de la difficulté à te concentrer ou tu sens parfois que tu as le cerveau dans la brume

Pour en savoir davantage sur les signes qu'une détox peut être nécessaire, c'est juste ici. 


Voici quelques bienfaits que tu pourras tirer suite au programme :

- Détoxifier le système

- Soutenir la fonction hépatique

- Soulager les troubles digestifs

- Drainer les cellules adipeuses

- Rééquilibrer le microbiome du cuir chevelu

- Aider avec certains problèmes hormonaux, tels que règles douloureuses, syndrome prémenstruel ou tension mammaire

- Redonner plus d'énergie

- Améliorer le bien-être et le confort global

- Aider à la santé et à l'apparence des cheveux

- Diminuer l'apparence de la cellulite

- Et bien plus!


En achetant le programme DÉTOX, tu recevras par la poste pour tes produits pour compléter ta détox. Une fois que tu as tout reçu, tu peux commencer, ou tu peux attendre de commencer le défi en même temps que nous le 03 avril prochain.

Il s'agit d'un programme de 30 jours incluant :

- 30 jours de détoxification du foie avec le produit RESET de Bend Beauty (valeur de 66$)

- 30 jours de traitement de la cellulite et de la rétention d'eau (exclusif à la détox deluxe) avec les ventouses, la roulette et le baume O'terra (valeur de 120$)

- 21 jours de traitement pour rééquilibrer le microbiome du cuir chevelu avec le sérum Potentialiste de Kérastase (exclusif à la détox deluxe) (valeur de 80$)

Inclus dans cet ensemble


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