Oléo-Relax : Contrôle optimal boucles et volume

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This set contains:

oléo-relax bath

The Oléo-Relax bath is a smoothing shampoo to discipline hair difficult to master and subjects to frizz. This nourishing shampoo makes it possible to control the volume of the hair without however weighing it down. Curly hair is mastered for 24 hours, even in an 80 % humidity environment. Nourished in its heart, the hair is thoroughly treated and prepared to receive the treatment mask.

Oléo-Relax mask

The Oléo-Relax mask is a smoothing and disciplining mask for bulky hair and difficult to master. This rich mask repairs and protects the hair from the heat of the styling tools up to 230 ° C. It nourishes the hair thanks to its highly penetrating oil-en-masque formula which leaves the hair soft to the touch and with a lasting shine. Curly and rebels hair is repaired, protected and visibly more shiny. Your morning -folding holds in place for 24 hours, even in 80 % humidity.

Oléo-Relax oil

This light texturizing hair oil is enriched with the morpho-oil complex, composed of 3 key oils, to control in a lasting way the volume caused by humidity and frizz of hair difficult to master . It makes it possible to master the hair, even in an environment with 80 % humidity, leaving it smooth and disciplined so that they keep their style from morning to night. This light oil protects hair from heat caused by heat thanks to thermal protection up to 230 ° C. This nourishing hair oil seals hydration in the heart of the hair fiber and ensures the homogeneity and the smooth appearance of the hair, from the root to the tip.


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