Nutritive : Cheveux très secs

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This set contains:

Magistral bath

The masterful bath is a very hydrating shampoo that is suitable for severely dried hair. It gives hair their natural hydration. It eliminates impurities and intensely nourishes the hair so that it finds softness, flexibility and shine!
This dry hair shampoo eliminates impurities while giving hair their flexible texture and shine. The masterful bath offers fundamental nutrition and protects hair from external forces such as oxidation or use of heating devices.

masterful fondant

The masterful fondant is a moisturizing revitalizing for fine and very dry hair requiring intense nutrition. This hydrating conditioner is specially designed for severely dried hair. In addition to providing intense nutrition, it makes hair soft, light and gives them a radiant shine! This revitalizing is therefore perfectly suited to dry and fine hair.

Thermal nectar

this thermal nectar is both a revitalizing without rinsing and a thermal protector for normal dry hair. This treatment designed for dry hair protects from heat up to 180 ° C and makes the enhancement twice as fast. The hair is smoothed and nourished! This revitalizing without rinsing is an excellent addition to the daily styling routines.

Nutritive : Cheveux très secs
Nutritive : Cheveux très secs


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