Densifique & Potentialiste : Densité et cuir chevelu sain

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This set contains:

Density bath

This shampoo is designed to provide thickness, material and body to hair. It cleanses in depth without attacking the hair. The density bath stimulates hair to give them more density, body and volume. The effect is increased after each use. This thickening shampoo contains vitamins to give more thickness to hair and Power Renewal Complex + Ceramid technology to restore and strengthen hair fiber while protecting from external aggressions. Gluco-peptide restores hair to increase shine and resilience. Result: the hair will be visibly more full and thicker!

density fondant

The fondant density is a conditioner designed to treat fine hair. The light and creamy formula of the densitive kerastase fondant provides lifting and plumping care for hair losing density. This conditioner will regenerate the hair to give them texture and resistance. The hair will be untangled while being silky and light. This fortifying hair revitalizing contains hyaluronic acid which gives hydration and resilience to plump hair. Then, the intra-cylane minerals give strength and structure to the hair for a thicker appearance.

Potentialist serum

infused with ingredients that support the scalp microbiome, potentist is the optimal scalp shield that protects it from external aggressors who threaten its balance. The potentist serum is designed to soothe the scalp and protect it from external aggressions by ensuring a balance of the microbiome. This serum, which is suitable for all hair types, prevents the accumulation of pollution particles and dead cells. In addition, it prevents the formation of unwanted odors and strengthens the scalp microbiome in order to have healthy quality hair.

A healthy scalp is the basis for having healthy hair. By protecting 100 % of the scalp microbiome, the potentist serum creates the optimal environment for strong, healthy and beautiful hair.

Densifique & Potentialiste : Densité et cuir chevelu sain
Densifique & Potentialiste : Densité et cuir chevelu sain


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