Chronologiste : Soins de luxe ultime avec pré-shampoing

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This set contains:

coal pre-shampoing

This regenerating pre-shampoing revitalizing youth is a purifying black carbon scrub that cleanses the scalp and the roots in depth. It makes it possible to clear the root of the hair to release the obstructed pores and eliminate the squamous skin and the impurities. Its revitalizing power can tone the hair fibers.

He targets the drought, the relaxation and the sensitivity of the scalp and the refinement of the hair fiber.

Bath regenerating chronologist

The regenerating bath is a purifying shampoo for all hair types. It is the most concentrated shampoo ever created by Kérastase. Using both hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine, this youth revitalizing shampoo cleans the hair by removing all the impurities and turning from the root to the tip. It nourishes, hydrates and fills the hair fibers to restore force. The hair is smooth, shiny, silky and regenerate the fibers.

Regenerating mask Chronologist

univerel serum

The universal serum is the very first anti-aging serum for scalp and hair! This youthless youth without rinsing serum brings intense hydration and regeneration to scalp and hair. It helps to fight the signs of the age that arises in the scalp and on the hair fibers to restore their original beauty to them. As for the hair, these will demonstrate more hydration, shine, frizz control, for a healthy appearance. Over the applications, the hair fibers will be plumped up to 7.2% additional, for a larger and bulky effect. This powerful serum also prevents pollution particle deposits, to protect the scalp and fibers from external aggressions. Thanks to the biomimetic encapsulation of caviar, universal serum exploits the power of hyaluronic acid, abyssine and vitamin E to their purest power.

Chronologiste : Soins de luxe ultime avec pré-shampoing
Chronologiste : Soins de luxe ultime avec pré-shampoing


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