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Bain Magistral


The masterful bath is a very hydrating shampoo that is suitable for severely dried hair. It gives hair their natural hydration. It eliminates impurities and intensely nourishes the hair so that it finds softness, flexibility and shine!

This dry hair shampoo eliminates impurities while giving hair their flexible texture and shine. The masterful bath offers fundamental nutrition and protects hair from external forces such as oxidation or use of heating devices.


- Eliminates impurities
- Protects from external forces
- Nourishes severely drowned hair
- Restores flexibility and brilliance

user manual

Step 1 : Apply an equivalent amount of the size of a 25 sous on wet hair and scalp. Br> Step 2 : Mush by massaging the hair in depth.
Step 3 : rinse well.
Step 4 : Repeat steps 1 to 3 once or twice.

combine with the hair mask Magistral mask to nourish the hair in depth every day.

key ingredients

- Benzoin resin which recreates nutrition from inside the hair. - Irisoma 4 600 ppm which protects hair from drying in restaurants the nutritional balance of hair fiber. >- Ceramide which protects the hair fiber by its refractory properties.
- Xylose which protects the hair from temperature changes.

Format: 250ml

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