• Ce produit hydrate et illumine rapidement la peau créant ainsi l’illusion d’un bronzage intense et ultra-naturel. Il convient aux peaux mates ou déjà bronzées. Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50$

Gelée corps auto-bronzante - Hâle Intense

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Gelée corps auto-bronzante - Hâle Intense

Gelée corps auto-bronzante - Hâle Intense


This product hydrates and quickly illuminates the skin creating the illusion of an intense and ultra-natural tan. It is suitable for matte or already tanned skins.


- Self-tanning care and intense tan body.
- Mate or tanned skins.
- Intense tan, without solar exposure.

    user manual

    - Apply to dry skin in addition or replacement of your moisturizing body treatment.
    - Wash your hands well after applying the product.

    key ingredients

    The cellular water certificate boosts the effectiveness of your care. It optimizes the energy environment of cells.

    of self -tanner DHA and dispersion agents that allow a homogeneous complexion.
    Vitamin A and flavonoids for a younger appearance. >

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