the Fotona laser

The Fotona laser, exclusively on the South Shore of Quebec is a powerful laser allowing to offer multiple treatments. Here are some examples: - Laser hair removal, hair catering, intra -oral firming, hotsculpting and tightsculpting, acne treatment, veinotherapy treatment, lifting without surgery, laser peel, treatment of varicose veins, treatment of snoring, etc. .

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La photothérapie

Cette technologie utilise la puissance de la photothérapie (lumière pulsée) pour stimuler la production de collagène et traiter les différents problèmes de peaux causés par le vieillissement et l'exposition au soleil. Il permet de réduire l'apparence des rides, traiter l'acné, iminuer l'apparence des rougeurs et plus !

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permanent hair removal

There are ways to get rid of your hair for good! You can choose from the different permanent hair removal methods according to several aspects. Whether in electrolysis or laser, you will find the way that suits you best!

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The microdermabrasion at the cutting edge of diamond is the best in terms of mechanical exfoliation system.

microdermabrasion is a technique which consists in exfoliating the skin to eliminate dead cells from The corneal layer. To simply polish the skin in order to standardize the complexion, to do a deep cleaning, to treat wrinkles, fine lines, scars or pigment spots of the body or face. You will notice as a result of the treatment that your skin is softer and smooth, the complexion is more uniform and radiant. At the son of the sessions you will notice that the relief defects are attenuated, the fine fine lines are reduced and the pores are tighter and less visible.

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