Effective treatment to improve sleep quality

Fotona's Nightlase therapy is a laser treatment to increase the patient's sleep quality and reduce the amplitude of snoring.

The Fotona optimizes the duration of laser pulses, allowing a safe penetration of heat in the fabric of the oral mucosa. It is soft enough to be used on sensitive tissues inside the mouth, but powerful enough to provide clinically effective heating.

How does treatment work?

During treatment, laser light heats the fabric causing a tightening. This is what leads to an attenuation of the sound of snoring. The procedure takes place in two simple stages. First, the light preheats the tissues. The second step is the strengthening of the fabrics always by the light of the laser. A complete treatment is made up of three sessions over a six -week period. The result can last up to a year. An interview is recommended at 6 months to keep the results obtained.

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