Lifting treatment without surgery

The Fotona 4D, also called Smoothlifting, is an advanced aesthetic procedure of non-surgical facial lifting. It is used to give a rejuvenated and natural aspect. The treatment takes place in four stages in order to work on the deeper, medial and superficial skin structures of the skin, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections.

Four steps for an incredible result

Smoothlifting treatment takes place in four steps. The combination of these four modes allows a complete contraction of collagen for tightening and persistent volumization (reduction of wrinkles).

1. The first step is intra-oral treatment. The mucosa is heated using the mucous laser to stimulate the production of natural collagen which helps density and firmness of the skin in the Nasogenians and lips.

2. For the second step, we work the skin from the outside to once again stimulate the production of collagen.

3. The third step lingers on the texture of the skin. This step can vary from one client to another since it is possible to target specific particularities such as redness, acne, scars, skin pores, etc.

4. Finally, the fourth step has a tissue fixing role which consists in going to join or stick the skin to the bones and the face ligaments. It is this last step which will give the lifting effect so much sought after in the treatment.

Generally, 4 to 5 sessions are necessary all dependent on the age and the situation of customers.

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