& eacute sugar

This thode originating from the Middle East is also baptized, oriental. With a price of 100 & nbsp;% natural & mdash; & agrave; Base, among other things, sugar, honey and lemon, it does not contain any chemical additives. It can be used on all parts of the body & mdash; legs, armpits, passing by arms or jersey & mdash; Without risk of br & ucirc; lures or allergies. of his follicle.

Advantages & nbsp;:

M & eacute; Thodé very soft, ideal for all skin types. Praration allows for exfoliating the skin during the & âcute; and makes the regrowth very sweet. The regrowth occurs only after 4 & agrave; 5 & ​​nbsp; weeks.

& Eacute; Waxing

l & rsquo; & eacute; The Ti & Egrave wax is one of the most adopted of the Institute. Effective and rapid, it offers a sultate that lasts over time of 3 & agrave; 4 & nbsp; weeks. The wax can be carried out on all the rollers of the body and the face of the face.

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