l & rsquo; & eacute; It consists & agrave; instead of a filament in the hair follicle to reach the base of the latter to send a current which goes into the bulb and the germinative cells of the hair which are responsible for the growth of the hairs. Unlike the laser or IPL, the lectrolysis works on all types of hair: blond, white, red and m & ch & ch & ch & ch & chsci; me the dovets! In addition, it suits & agrave; All skin types in addition to being practiced on practically all areas of the body and the face.

Photo & eacute;

The photo & eacute is an easy, fast and effective technique that uses the ownerships of the lumino & eacute; Practically all the rions of the body can be the case with the exception of the eyebrows and the outline of the il. & nbsp; Measurement of sorceptions, the hair becomes finer and clearer until & agrave; a complete destruction of it. To obtain optimal sultats, the s & Éacute; 8 weeks depending on the lines.

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