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You have the chance to have free consultations by Vid & éacute; with our manager of the Eacte;

In the first place, we offered you Consultation for hairstyle , now here ! Parikart offers you the chance to have & nbsp; completely free consultations with one of our experts & nbsp; so that she can advise you the products that suit you. In addition, it will be able to talk to you about the differs and differs technologies that we are offering & nbsp; in the living room! & Nbsp; You can you choose the time slot that suits you in the calendar below. When you have made your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with all the dies concerning your vid ´ rence. & Nbsp; It is essential to read your confirmation email! ; 10 minutes before your appointment, you will receive an email or a reminder text (depending on what you have chosen). You will only have & agrave; Follow the instructions to connect with our professional! & nbsp; It's simple and effective, and in addition it's free! & nbsp; you can then get your products on our online store! < /p>

Why do online consultations?

We have had the idea of ​​offering you online consultations & nbsp; & agrave; cause of COVID-19. We want to give you the advice that you would have had in the Salon! & Nbsp; this allows you to have when you are an expertise for & nbsp; your products as well as for your care & agrave; come!

The consultation by Vid & Eacute; will allow you to advise you on good products for your skin. At this time of containment, this is the time to be ideal to take care of yourself, so it is better to do it with products perfect for you!

This is really a complete service that is offered to you. In esactees that you like it!

Trust professionals from Parikart to advise you!