Our Beginnings

The story of Parikart began in 1994 over dinner. The two co-owners, Hélène Paré and Sylvie Picard, already had a lot in common at that time: a love of the beauty business, the need to evolve personally and professionally, and the desire to surpass their limits and continually grow. Despite their two completely different personalities and characters, their vision and goal were always the same: to build something great and lasting, to create a distinctive concept in the service of beauty, to respond to a clientele in search of advice and a listening ear, as well as to find high-performance beauty products and services. This is the mission that has guided Parikart for more than 27 years now! 

What does Parikart mean?

Parikart is a combination of the names Paré and Picard linked by a "K" which represented scissors in the very first logo of the company. The beginning of the name recalls "Paris", which for the two co-owners is the place par excellence for trends and fashion. The ending, which is "Art", emphasizes the artistic side of the business.

After many moves over the past 27 years, Parikart Espace Beauté Salon is now located in the heart of downtown Levis. In 2018, Parikart's second location, Parikart Signature, an even more luxurious and specialized version of Parikart. 

Our aspirations for over 27 years

For more than 27 years now, Parikart's main mission has been to offer its customers the best to meet their needs. Whether it's service or products, the customer is our priority and we always make our decisions with that in mind. Our teams work tirelessly to provide a service and experience that people will not find elsewhere. It is important to us that the customer feels that they are our priority and that they are the most important thing, right here, right now, at the moment. 

For us, the field of beauty in which we work goes far beyond appearances. The superficial side of the field is much emphasized, whereas we believe that the most important thing is the feeling of well-being, satisfaction and confidence that a person who feels good about themselves can experience. For some years now, we have adopted the slogan "Beyond Beauty", because, beyond beauty, there are people, there are emotions, there are talents, and passions and there is much more than what is visible to the naked eye. We work with emotions and feelings to get people to do things for themselves in the quest for real well-being. For Parikart, it's time to break down ideals and standards to build something new and to encourage people to think and see beauty in a different way, with a focus on acceptance. For us, the most beautiful thing is someone who feels free to be who he or she is by fully assuming his or her identity. 

Internally, Parikart's main mission is reflected in the transmission of knowledge. We strongly believe that training, knowledge and understanding of the field are what allow us to offer our clients the best. For us, advice and listening are the basis of a unique experience. Every client deserves to be advised according to their needs and to feel that they are understood, respected and that we are working for them. It is important for us to pass on our knowledge, to explain and educate. When someone says to us, "Why didn't anyone tell me this before", it is a sign that we have accomplished our mission. 

Since the launch of our online shopping store, we have been working so that there is no difference caused by digital. We want to offer the same unique experience and the same exceptional online service as in the store. The online experience begins with personalized advice 7 days a week by chatting with our professionals by chat or by private messages. We make sure to have an effective shipment so that your package is at home as quickly as possible.

Important steps

1994 -Opening of our first fair in St-Henri, on the South Shore of Quebec.

From our opening, our fairs were computerized for making appointments, which was very rare at the time.

1996 - 1998 - 2005 - 2013
many moves to finally be located in the heart of downtown Lévis since 2013.

2005 - Beginning of our multi-service concept with shop

Parikart was one of the first beauty salons in the region to integrate several services into its offer, in addition to having a shop space.

2016 - Arrival of the Kérastase range exclusively on the South Shore of Quebec, which is now our biggest brand today.

2017 - Launch of our first online store.

Our first platform was born in order to facilitate purchase and offer our customers the same experience as in the living room, but online.

2018/November - Opening of a second branch Parikart, the Parikart Signature, which offers new exclusive services on the South Shore of Quebec

2019 - Parikart adopts the slogan beyond beauty.

This slogan represents our vision of beauty and what we are working on every day. We believe it is time to see and think beyond appearances.

2020 / June - Complete change in the meeting and pricing structure.

We have made this change in order to promote the hourly rate and greater equity in prices between men and women.

2020/September - Winner at Pléiades in the Retail services and retail business


It was with great pride that Parikart was the first company in the field of beauty to win a prize for excellence at the Pleiades Gala. This success represents a lot for us and for the field, since we wish to have the field of beauty recognized for what it is in the business world.

2021/April - Moving in a suitable warehouse and implementation of administrative offices for the head office and administration.

2021/June - Parikart wins the prize for Kérastase Platinum Service Award

With Kérastase Salon Award, Kérastase wishes to congratulate his retailers who stand out. It is with very great pride that we won the prize for the best customer experience and the best living and online advice.


The success of a company is based, among other things, on its decisions, the coherence of its actions and its relationships. At Parikart, we have always been anxious to make quality choices, both for our products, our services and our suppliers in order to offer the best on the market. This concern for transparency and equity is reflected in all the facets of the company.

Our suppliers: a careful choice

Hair darlings, comforters, satin bathrobes, silk pillowcases and several other new products to come! Since 2020, the Parikart brand has been developing in order to offer our customers quality products adapted to demand.

During the long product manufacturing process, the choice of suppliers is the most meticulous and important step for us in order to ensure that the choice is consistent with our values ​​and our corporate philosophy. It is essential for us to work with Quebec or Canadian companies when possible. We collaborate with many local companies, especially in the manufacture of our package shipping supplies, our lip exfoliatants and for several other projects still secret!

when it is more difficult to work locally , we consider several criteria when choosing our suppliers. The working conditions of employees, respect and equity, the workplace, the standards and accreditations of companies and several other factors influence the choice of our suppliers. We do regular follow -ups to have the certainty that all operations take place ethically.

A concern for sustainability and quality

For more than 27 years now, Parikart's mission is to offer its customers the best, which is applicable for services and products.

Before selling a new brand, we make sure to always test the products to be convinced of their efficiency, their performance and to make sure that they are suitable for the needs of our customers. It is unthinkable for us to sell products when we do not believe in their potential and their efficiency.

During the design of new products from the Parikart brand, we take care to inform ourselves about design techniques, materials and the sector of activity in order to fully understand the product, the issues that surround and make the right choices. We neglect no details to offer the best. We want to offer sustainable and quality products, which can be used for many years.

Strong and sustainable business relationships

At Parikart, good relations with our partners are the key to the success of the company. We believe that relationships, communication, support, mutual aid and respect will allow all parties to be winners and maintain good long -term relationships.

We make sure to communicate well with our partners. During business relations, it is important for us to have an agreement where the two parties are winning and interested in the partnership.

social involvement

For us, it is important to have an impact beyond beauty. At Parikart, we like to give back to the next and offer support to those who need it. As our field and our customers are mainly female, it is important for us to support women in different situations of their lives where they need to feel supported.

Support for society and women in need

The junction for her

since 2019, we have supported the Junction for her, which is a accommodation house for women victims of domestic violence and their children. The mission of the junction is to bring a change of mentality surrounding domestic violence in addition to helping women and children who are victims. It is important for us to support the junction for her to help these women feel free to be themselves and to be good. This constant support is a way of emphasizing their courage and giving them self -confidence and the energy necessary to go through these difficult trials.

March 27, 2019 - Don of $ 700 at the junction for her during a beauty event with a business close to the signature parikart.

September 26, 2019 - Home women of the junction for her in the living room to offer them a day to be pampered and to receive the services of their choice.

Our priority during this day was to make them feel important and to show them that they deserve that we take care of them.

December 2019 - donation of several gift bags containing beauty products for Christmas to the women of the organization.

Gift bags were given to women members of the Foundation as well as their children.

October 2020 - Donation of several satin parikart bathrobes at the junction for her.

March 2021 -donation of $ 250 at the junction for her during Mother's Day.

empty your bag

Since September 2020, Parikart is proud to be associated with the empty body your bag which collects hygiene and cosmetic products for people weakened in need. The organization carries out several annual campaigns and then redistributes the products collected to several weakened women through different organizations with which it is associated. Our two beauty salons are harvesting points for the body. We give in addition many products to each harvest to make a difference in the life of a greater number of women.

September 2020 - Beginning of the association with the organization and start of the harvest for the holiday campaign 2020.

Jean-Sébastien, the marketing director at Parikart, proudly becomes the first and the only male ambassador of the organization.

October 2020 -Donation of hundreds of satin bathrobes worth more than $ 20,000 to the empty foundation your bag.

Our bathrobes were given to fifteen foundations, organizations and other support programs helping women victims of domestic violence, women struggling with different difficulties, young mothers in need, etc.

November 16, 2020 - End of the first product harvest. In total, more than $ 5,000 in products were given to the organization.

March 2021 - Don of more than $ 650 in products to the organization during Mother's Day.

One more step towards equity

Change of the pricing structure

why should a short hair woman pay more for a haircut than a man with the same length hair? This is a question that the two co -owners Hélène & Sylvie had been asking for many years before making the jump. Pricing according to gender is a way of thinking which is well rooted in the field of beauty, but which seems less and less harmless when we dwell on it.

Since the beginning of the concepts of hairdressing salons and multi-service salons, the prices are based according to sex. Women generally have higher prices for services than men. It is a pricing system that may seem logical if we consider that women often have longer hair than men, but which is not flawless or universal.

The result? Women often paid more to obtain the same service. It was before this flagrant situation of iniquity that we decided to change our pricing structure for the hourly rate. Just as the garage owners, painters or lawyers, we are now charging time rather than service in order to ensure that pricing is fair for everyone.

Thanks to this structure, the customer is just as winner as the company, and above all, no one is loser. The customer now pays for the service that has been rendered to him, no more and no less, while the company avoids rates far too low or too high compared to the service offered. Our hairdressers and beautician artists also take advantage of it since they can devote themselves to their customers without having to serve different people at the same time.

Why do it now?

It has been several years since we thought of doing the transition, but as the schedules of our artists are planned several months in advance, it was difficult to change clearly and Structured, without negatively impacting some of our customers.

with the closure of beauty salons caused by COVID-19 in March 2020, we were able to set up and structure the new pricing method to do the Change during the reopening in June 2020.

This change was a great success, and we are proud to be among the first in our field to function in this way for greater equity! We hope to serve as an example in the field and encourage other salons to make this change so important in 2021.

Environmental involvement

At Parikart, our concern for the environment is growing day by day. Whether it is the simple fact of recycling or even reusing materials, we believe that it is small changes and small actions that can make a difference in the long term.

Quality and durability

We choose our different brands and make our different products with a great concern for quality and sustainability. For us, it is important to offer you products that you can use for several years to avoid overconsumption.

Remove the plastic one step both

Our mission for over a year already is to remove the plastic not necessary as much as possible from our activities. Whether it's a question of over -assessment or protection for shipping, our team works hard to find more ecological alternatives without neglecting product protection.

Our biggest challenge in the change of our shipping method is to put aside plastic for recycled and/or recyclable materials, without compromising the protection of the product. Our luxury products deserve special attention to ensure that they arrive at your door in perfect condition. It is therefore our priority to ensure product protection above all.

In the coming months, our shipping packaging will change completely to eliminate all of the plastic that found itself in our packaging. Previously, our packages were all shipped in plastic bags, while the products were protected by bubble paper, also in plastic. These options will be completely eliminated to make room for recyclable and 67% recyclable cardboard boxes from recycled materials. Regarding product protection, it will now be very thin sheets of paper that will be used to fill the space, if applicable. These can be recycled, which were not the case with bubble paper.

Some of you may have noticed that our hair accessories are wrapped in small plastic bags. Although this option is not ideal for the environment, it is essential for us to keep this packaging for hygiene and quality. We consider that our customers deserve to receive their item having the certainty that it has not been used or in contact with unwanted materials. Currently, no other packaging option is possible, but we proactively seek an option that will be more favorable for our planet.

These little efforts may seem harmless, but we firmly believe that these changes, as small as they are, will help make a difference.

our successes

2022/May: Winner in the entrepreneurship category to the prestigious Mercuriades Gala

Parikart is proud to be the first company in the field of hairdressing and aesthetics to win a mercury in the history of the competition in addition to having won the entrepreneurship prize, Who is the most popular category of the evening!

Learn more about this price

2022/May: Parikart wins the Kérastase Circle of Excellence Award


As part of the Kérastase excellence gala bringing together all Kérastase retailers, Parikart is proud to have won the Circle of Excellence Award, a prize given to the Kérastase retailer offering the most complete customer experience!

2021 - October : Winner in the retail and e -commerce category at the Faith Gala

Finalist in the category alongside furniture Tanguay, Yoga Fitness and Novaxis Solutions , Parikart is honored to be recognized by the CCIQ and to be among these big companies.

2021 - October : company of the year and winner in the category the performing (small business) at the Pleiades gala

Parikart is more than proud to have left the Gala of the Chamber of Commerce of Lévis with not one, but two prizes. First, the efficient (small company) which is awarded to a company de noise of 25 employees having experienced remarkable growth. Then, the company price of the year. It is a real progress for the field of beauty.

2021 - June : Parikart wins the prize for Kérastase Platinum Service Award

Kérastase has set up the Gala of Excellence Kérastase Salon Award , which aims to congratulate its retailers who stand out. It is with very great pride that we won the prize for the best customer experience and the best living and online advice.

2020 - September : winner at Pléiades in the retail services company

It was with great pride that Parikart was the first company in the field of beauty to win a prize for excellence at the Pleiades Gala. This success represents a lot for us and for the field, since our objective is to have the field of beauty recognized for what it is.

Kérastase Platinum Service Award

If you have already ordered from Parikart or if you have already come to the living room, you know that the customer experience is extraordinary and that the customer is at the heart of our priorities. But did you know that we officially have the best customer experience for the Kérastase range in Canada?

during the Kérastase Salon Awards which took place on June 1, Parikart won the Kérastase Platinum Service Award 2020, given Salon offering the best customer experience and the best advice among all Kérastase retailers in the country.

Shop at Parikart, it starts with personalized advice 7 days a week. In order to live the optimal experience and be fully satisfied with your choices, it is essential to ask our professionals who can target your needs . Parikart is also to navigate an easy to use, clear and fast site. At all times, we offer a minimum of 2 samples per order to allow our customers to discover our different products. On average, your order starts from our warehouse in less than 24 working hours, and it arrives at your house in less than 72 hours working. However, the customer experience does not end there! It is important for us that our customers know that we are always available to answer their questions and their requests even after their purchase.

is easy for everyone to say "we are the best" . On our side, we let our actions speak for themselves. This is a great pride for our team to be recognized by Kérastase as the fair offering the best customer experience in the country, and we will continue to prove it to you with each of your experiences with us!

Winner at the Gala des Pléiades 2020

In September 2020, Parikart was the first company in the Domaine de la Beauté to win a prize in Pléiades, the Gala of Excellence in the Lévis Chamber of Commerce. We were recipient in the "Retail and retail business" category as the company that had the most distinguished in the region for the year 2019.

This year, we are proud to be nominated in the category "Le Business, Small Entreprise". The remarkable growth of the company in 2020 allowed us to be a finalist for the Gala which will be held in October 2021. If we can be in this category, it is undoubtedly thanks to our extraordinary customers. We are proud to have a loyal clientele who has accompanied us and has been supporting us for more than 27 years now.

The pandemic will have been an opportunity for us to extend our horizons and to make known our unusual customer service everywhere in the province. Many people have joined the big Parikart family in the past year and we are sincerely grateful for each of you.

We hope to be able to share this price of the Pleiades with all of you in October! p>

Prix Distinction Concept JP

In December 2020, we received the 2020 JP concept in the Prestige class for engagement, loyalty of more than 10 years and business volume. This distinction of JP concept has demonstrated our commitment to the brand for over 10 years already. It is, among other things, thanks to our faithful customers and their love for their products that we can stand out in our own way. It is important for us to always advise our customers well and to educate them on the various products, which certainly participates in the enthusiasm around the JP concept proposals, such as the Hot Tools-Séchoir brush and Redken products.

Company price of the year and the efficient (small business) at the Pleiades gala

Parikart is happy to have taken a big step for the whole field of beauty by winning the price of company of the year at the Pleiades Gala of the Chamber of Commerce of Lévis , October 15. The company has also won the the performing price (small business) awarded to a company deducted from 25 employees who experienced remarkable growth. Not only were these two prizes won by a company led by two women, but recognizes the place in the field in the business community.

These two gratudes mean much more than congratulating the performance of the company. It is a real progress for the field: “When you are in business in the field of beauty, people doubt and do not take you seriously. Thanks to those who did not believe in us. It pushed us to do even better. We share these prices with all companies in the field of beauty. This is a nice step forward, "proudly announces Sylvie Picard, co -owner of the company.

Retail and e-commerce price at the Faisides Gala 2021

Parikart has stood out among the 3,800 members formed by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIQ) by winning the prize in the retail and e-commerce category during the fidel gala.

finalist in the category alongside furnishings Tanguay, Yoga fitness and Novaxis Solutions , Parikart is honored to be recognized by the CCIQ and to meet Among these large companies. “We worked hard to find ourselves where we are now. We launched the online store in 2017 and we managed to keep the course despite the pandemic. In 2020, we increased our online turnover by 1787%. It's a lot of work, but we have a wonderful team that keeps growing up and we are greatly grateful, ”shares Jean-Sébastien, marketing director for the company.