Spring detox, our top 5 tips!

Spring is a sign of big cleaning, but did you know that your body can also need a certain "cleaning"? Summer arrives and for some people it is an indicative that it is necessary to redisciprate in terms of healthy lifestyles. That's good, we have a few things that could help you! Give yourself until the end to discover the whole that we are prepared to help you with the detox of spring!

Before we start, we wanted to tell you that cellulite is one of the subjects we are approaching. For some it is a complex, for others not. If it is not a complex for you and you love your body as it is, it's just as perfect. You never feel forced to change to comply with what you can see in an article or on social networks. Our goal is simply to help those who want to change for their own happiness. ❤️

The 5 tips for your spring detox!

We have determined 5 key points to do for your spring detox. Some are lifestyle habits, others are products to integrate into your routine!

activate: winter is over, go!

We don't want to find excuses, but let's say that winter is always more difficult to activate and move. Temperature and motivation are 2 reasons that make us choose Netflix more often before walking.

Stay active plays a big role on your energy and your mood. This article is your sign that you have to repeat yourself and start moving again! And by moving, I don't want to say to train thoroughly and become an Olympic athlete. Only to get some fresh air, take a walk or do a little training in your living room by watching free videos on YouTube!

Did you know that the benefits are different dependent on the moment of the day when you do your training? For example, a training in the morning will increase your metabolism, will give you energy during the day and help you sleep better. Training in the evening allows you to reject the stress of the day, you will have more strength and flexibility than in the morning and you normally have less time restriction!

So, will you take a walk tonight or tomorrow morning?